Mold is a more than a nuisance that may require a certified mold testing professional. Every building owner or caretaker will come across this problem now and again. Commercial property is susceptible to mold growth as commercial property is not as closely watched as domestic or residential property. Mold growth is bound to happen from time to time as the weather changes happen and buildings grow old. Leaks and cracks will let in water which is an essential ingredient in helping mold grow. Having mold removal and remediation professionals fix mold growth is the best way of handling it. The mold testing cost is lower than the costs that you would incur for mold damage.

Mold Testing New York City

Estimates for Mold Inspection

Different testing services will ask for different prices. Looking for different quotes is the best way of getting the best value for money. Pick at least three different services for quotes and make the assessment based on the value for money. The estimates should break down costs like mold inspection cost and so on.

The lowest price is not necessary the best. There are other factors to look for in a quote which includes added value services like free sampling and a report showing the sickness of the building. The best testing service should also show how it intends to do sampling, design, repair and so on

Experience in Air Quality Testing

Ask to see evidence of past work by the testing service. The service should show references of past work.  If you can do a physical visit, it is better to ascertain the reference claims. Do they have experience with detecting mold in hvac systems?

Professional Mold Testing

After picking the best value quote, visit the testing service offices and ask to see a professional who can do the mold testing. You should ask what the test will look for and what the test report will show.

You can assess the professionalism of the testing service by checking out how the estimates have been done. The testing service should send someone on the ground to make the assessment. Any company that offers to do the assessment over the phone could be dishonest.

The response time of the service should also be a pointer on the efficiency of the service. How fast were your calls answered? How quick was a person sent to the ground?

Plan of action for Mold Remediation

The testing service should clearly show how the work will be carried out. The plan should show the time incurred at each stage. Commercial property cannot be entirely closed down for business, so the testing service should show how it intends to deal with the conduct of business without disruption.

Other basic tips in hiring a Mold Professional

Apart from looking at the cost and plan of action, there are other things to look for when hiring;

Insurance – This is an essential requirement as the mold is considered a pollutant that is injurious to respiratory health.

Equipment – Does the testing service show evidence of having the capability to carry out the work? Things such as air quality testing will require specialized equipment which the testing service should show.

Reputation – the performance of the testing service can be ascertained from agencies such as Bureau of Consumer Protection and the Better Business Bureau.

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