In my life, I have encountered quite many situations where I have been left scratching my head on what to do! Honestly, in these situations like these you need the help of an advisor or a guide to help you pull through. Self-Help books are a great way to guide you through unknown terrains in your life.

But do Self-Help books actually work? That honestly depends on you. You do not have to follow the book to the letter; you have to use it to carve your own path with the guidance already in the book written by people who have been in the exact same situation you are in.

Self Help Books

Sometimes I wonder if the creators of the self-help books understand this. They know that most of us are just too lazy to follow what they preach.

One of the things I have found out that is that any type of self-help that requires drastic change will not work. It just can’t work. While we may get excited, it is just something that is not sustainable.

How do you eat an elephant? Just one bite at a time.

When you have behaviors and habits that have been engrained for a lifetime, no self-help book is going to change that overnight. It is just not going to happen

We are creatures of our choices. Choices are determined by our surroundings. Who we spend most of our time will shape the lens in which we make our choices. Once choices are repeatedly made, they will form habits. Habits form the base of our character which then will affect more choices.

In order to change any part of use, first this is something you must really want to achieve. You must have a strong “Why”. Without this, you will never have the emotional currency to change.

Also, you what will help is an accountability partner. Someone who can not only cheer you on, but also hold you too your word. You should also be holding your accountability partner to some goals. This way you can walk hand in hand with someone in the achieving of your goals.

Also, pick only one thing. Rome was not built in a day and your personality was not either. It will take small steps consistently at over a period of time just to change one thing about you.

Also, track whatever changes you are trying to attain. Also track any slip ups that occur since you really need honesty to track your progress.

One very important thing is to never give up!!

Once you have been working on one small area for at least 3 weeks, Then you can add another area to work

It is small steps over a period of time will you start to notice some real changes. The really cool thing is that everyone else will also start to notice it.

So would I say Self-Help books help? Yes, absolutely they do, but not as people expect them to. They offer a comfortable hand on your shoulder telling you what you need to do but at the end of the day you have got to act in your own accord, following the guidance you gained.

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