HVAC repair is absolutely great, especially the central air part of it. I like it that can I have my thermostat set at a certain level and my system will automatically heat or cool depending on the on the room’s ambient temperature. What happens when this amazing technology does not work in you need air conditioning repair right away.

The thing is, when it is hot and muggy outside, your air conditioning better be working. This is not the time for something really wrong with the filters or some other issue where you need some sort of Air Conditioning Repair.

I don’t know what is worse, not having air conditioning, or not having heat. I guess if a heat pump is broken, it can get a little ridiculous.

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Here in Suffolk County New York, it gets downright bone chilling cold in the winter. Also that is when the prices of heating repair goes up for all of us with forced air heating.

I remember one year during the winter, when it was constantly cold for over a month. Now this may not be Alaska cold, but it was New York cold, which is enough for me.

During that year, my house was not warming up the way I expected it to. Now like I said I love my forced air system. But just like anything else, these HVAC systems do go bad.

So what if you or some other person has central heat and air units in your house or in your place of business. Preventative maintenance is the key. It’ll keep you from having to suffer at a later date.

No sense of being lazy or cheap. We all love our heating and air conditioning. While some of the folks love their snuggies, I just love the heck out of my thermostat. It is designed to be my slave and to do it’s only mission of it’s entire miserable life and that is to give me good heat or cold.

Now I’m just thinking about back in the 1800s. There was no central air back then. Well the central air may have been just opening all the windows and praying for a good breeze to come through. Wow, those people must have truly stank.

There was no heating or cooling. Will let you remove the heating portion because I went to Old Bethpage Village restoration here on Long Island, and you pretty much saw what the heating systems were.

It was the obvious fireplace, and some homes had multiple fireplaces. You also have the bed warmers and the wood stoves.

I know wood stoves are the craze again. I know someone who gets up in the middle of the night just to put more wood into the stove to keep the house warm.

Forget all of that nonsense. I really need my forced air heating. Can’t survive the winter without it. Maybe I’m just made soft by today’s technological advances. So be it.

I love it that I can call in number and have expert HVAC service right away.

Even in the summer when everything is boiling and your clothes are sticking to your skin when your central air is not working, I know you were thanking your lucky stars that an air conditioner service is only a call away.

I know also know that when hurricanes hit here in Long Island and we lose power, I can’t last long without heat or air conditioning. unless you also have issues with your bathroom overflowing!

I was born into an era of softer men. I don’t live in the backwoods. I live in normal land here in Suffolk County New York. So I want to have the ability to quality heating service when I need it especially when I am doing my blogging.

When I was a kid, my dad, the hardest working man on the entire planet,  took care of all of this. It was pretty funny with the older systems on how crappy they were but they worked anyway.

But now we’re in the 21st-century, and I do not really want to suffer like a peasant. I want to feel nice and comfortable without ¬†having to wear 10 layers of sweat producing clothing, or strip butt naked to control whether I’m freezing or sweating.

So if something is wrong, with my air conditioning or heating system, I’m gonna let my fingers do the walking and call the best central air repair company I can find. And why not?

They want my business right? I am not asking for a hand out, I just need this done. A heating and cooling repair company would have to be nuts to not want mine and every Tom, Dick and Harry who just wants to be comfortable.

Even when I go on a trip to a summer destination, I still want to place of refuge where I can be cool and sip my margarita in tranquil bliss.

You just expect everything to work. So if I am on Cancun, I expect that my forced air conditioner system to work at peak performance, and have my place as cold as an igloo.

Now I can’t very well do that if I have a serious case of GAPO (gorilla underarm perspiration odor).

So while I’m indoors, if I don’t feel a breeze through my hair, it is air conditioning repair, I swear will make everything all fair!

I love it when I rhyme like that. I feel rejuvenated right now with my words fluently flowing free, see how the wind blows through the tree.

Ok, these corny rhymes are really starting to get to me. Better than Maytag, give me the HVAC repair man any day!

Ring Me

Who Is Roger?