It is more like can you give me a dollar! I got to admit, Bernie Sanders is not afraid to admit who he is, which is why he says what he says.

What is really and utterly amazing to me is that he has no issue revealing the depths of his stupidity!

Bernie Sanders needs to be a TruTVs World’s Dumbest!

Doesn’t he realize that the Internet has a memory much bigger than any elephant or of your mother-in-law!

If he says anymore of what he’s actually thinking of, I think he’s going to be committed!

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You have Hillary Clinton, so close to being indicted because of the email server controversy. Old Bernie should be clobbering Hillary by now, or should I call her Shrillery. But he is still down in the polls!

And why would someone who appeals to the less than motivated section of our population, still be behind in all of the Democratic presidential polls if he were not consistently putting his foot in his mouth?

You have to admit though. Bernie Sanders does create a lot of free material for  the Twitterverse, talk shows and all of the comedy shows. So thank you Bernie! Please let your IQ stay ever so small.

I know a lot of you are saying, what did he ever do to you? Well besides actually speaking, not much with the exception of saying he wants to take all that I have and give it to somebody who has warts on their ass from the amount of constant sitting and not working.

So as I sit here drinking my cup of chamomile tea, I just want to enlighten the blogosphere of all of the magical Bernie moments.

  1. He made some statement that we need to get rid of fossil fuels and move immediately to energy efficient and sustainable energy’s.

OK then let’s go down that road again. I am assuming the people he is speaking to don’t know how to type the word Google and actually see how well that has been going.

What sustainable energy’s is he speaking about? OK, let me help old poor Bernie out. Electric cars! That’s it! Let’s get rid of all the gasoline driven cars and move to electric powered cars!

There is only one minor problem with that scenario that unfortunately a lot of people did not think completely through.

Where are those cars getting the electricity to charge up the batteries?


From power plants run by fossil fuels, coal or nuclear for the most part!

I know, you may say, let’s get rid of fossil fuels and nuclear altogether.

The only problem with that is only 9.8% of the energy production in the United States is by renewable sources.

You want to send United States into absolute chaos create mass unemployment, starvation and all sorts of a Bernie inspired Armageddon, in order to ban fossil fuels and nuclear power?

Plus look at all of the solar companies that have failed using the taxpayer dime. Here they are.

  1. Solyndra (535 million loss)
  2. Sun Power (1.2 Billion loss)
  3. Babcock and Brown (178 million loss)

Plus many more!

  1. He wants the billionaire class to pay their fair share in taxes.

Again let’s look at this. A simple Google search will show you that the top 10% of income earners in the United States pay 68% of all federal income taxes.

The bottom 50% only pays 3% of federal taxes.

Right now there’s an estimated 2 trillion in wealth overseas from the United States. If you keep over taxing the rich, do you think they’re going to bring any of that money back into the United States? Yes they will do it if they are on crack!

  1. Education should be a right not a privilege.

Look at where the current state of easy money for higher education has gotten us. Large amounts of college graduates who cannot find a job!!

There are so many Bachelor’s Degrees flooding the market they are equal to what a high school diploma was some 25 or 30 years ago. Now you need to have at least a master’s degree in order to stand out to which in turn adds more student debt per individual.

Plus should a taxpayer be paying for degree for the arts or like a physical fitness major? Are you kidding me!

  1. Bernie says Social Security is a promise that we cannot break.

Should that promise have been made in the first place? Let’s bring in another related topic, abortion.

You are probably saying “How is abortion related?”

I will tell you how it is related.

The premise of Social Security is that there are a lot more people of working age paying for the people who are retired

Now if you think about the amount of abortions that have occurred since the passing of Roe Vs. Wade, and the downsizing of the American family where having only one or two children is now the norm, then what was occurring when Social Security was created, you can see the problem that we as a nation are faced with.

As time goes on there’s not going to be enough young people, or may I say people of working age to pay for the retirement of everybody else that is still alive.

Plus, it does not help that Congress keeps raiding the Social security coffers.

  1. And for the last one, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Income any quality is at its highest since the 1920s.

Well let’s take a look at that. As you keep increasing the size of government and the burden of government regulations and government taxing ability what happens to companies in the United States.

Well they either go bankrupt or they merge. as companies keep merging there’s less and less choices thereby removing competition causing prices that consumers pay to go up thereby leaving the less discretionary money in people’s pockets.

The solution to income inequality is a smaller government, enforcement of antitrust laws, and a free market.

Hey Bernie, I am not going to give you my last dollar!


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