Socialism, a party for the lazy and the dictators where the two can live in somewhat harmony. I was just looking at a blog post of idiotic Bernie Sanders statements.

Actually I found a few of them. And why is this so important? Because Bernie Sanders actually has people that will vote for him. And since Hillary Clinton knows this, As her polling numbers shrinks she keeps going more left and left to appease the people who are looking for the free lunch.

You gotta love the people that want the free lunch. I remember, when Obamacare passed in Congress. There was a girl at my house who was dying my wife’s hair. She was so happy that Obamacare had passed

Not so much that she was getting free healthcare, and she could keep the plan that she wanted. Boy was she in for rude awakening!! But she was happy because in her twisted mind,  the rich would be paying more.

Bernie Sanders

I’ve always noticed that envy hides itself in something called socialism. Because the socialist never wants to earn anything, and want everything to be fair,which entails you giving your stuff to them!

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Watch out when somebody is for economic fairness! That is a sign you have a socialist in your midst.

I have spoken with Socialists, who make up their own reality.

I remember speaking with a guy again right after Obamacare passed. He was saying and raving of all the credits his son was going to get and would only be paying, I believe it was in the range of about $140 per month for health insurance.

He was saying that Canadians loved it. What type of Canadians would love waiting for specialized treatment for months?

You know that old saying. birds of a feather or flock together. So lazy Canadians and lazy Americans, have something in common. Socialism transcends borders. You going to be able to find slackers everywhere.

I think that guy was mad because he was slacking off for 16 years at his job. He literally worked from home most of the time. When the company was not doing so well, they looked at every area where they could gain efficiency.

He was one of the places where they were looking at!! He was actually a software developer and created a lot of apps for the company. The thing was he was the only one that supported him.

So the company decided to have other software developers create apps with the same functions like the apps he created.

So much for job security.

I remember hearing him complain about it, how the company was changing and he was working so much harder.

Well, that may actually be true if you were screwing off for 16 years. So now I think he has this anti-wealth streak inside of him now.

Oh, and by the way. The son he was speaking about that he was so happy he was getting health insurance at $140 a month, was still living at home and was 26 years old.

Now I definitely see a problem with this. When was that kid, or loser adults, was going to get a job? What I meant was a real job. For college graduate, he sure looked like a loser.

Wow!! This blog post was originally about Bernie Sanders and it turned into a post about socialism. There are so many good things to talk about when it comes to the socialistic sad sack of craps, that I actually love it that I could write a book about it.

Let’s see if I’m able to get to speak more about Bernie Sanders.

Oh I’ve got a doozy from Mr. bubblehead himself.

He made a Twitter post on December 28, 2015.

This was the quote . “you have families out there paying six, eight, 10% for  student loan debt but you can refinance your home at 3%. What sense is that? “.

You have got to be kidding me!!

OK let’s break this down.

A mortgage is money loaned to a person, or other entity for the purpose of purchasing real property.

Now, everyone knows when you buy a house, the better your credit, the lower your interest rate. Also, the type of collateral you give gives you a better rate.

So an individual who purchases a home with excellent credit, giving 20% down payment which creates instant equity and good cushion of protection for the bank, is obviously going to go get a low interest-rate!

Plus the bank secures the mortgage against the house so if the homeowner default’s on their payments, the bank has a way to recover its money!

This is basic economics!

A student does not have a long history (if any) of paying loans back. Plus, where is the bank security in student loans? Is the bank going to seize someone’s degree in women’s studies? (As if that was worth anything)

I actually found a  blog post of all the crappy career fields that are out there and people actually pay money to get degrees in these amazingly stupid  professions.

So the short of it, is there is a group of folks that are desperately trying to put their hands in your pocket’s.

It is time to put the slackers in their place.

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