Cesspool Service Long Island to the RESCUE!!!! What an interesting headline huh? Well it’s something that had to be told.

Listen, when you crapper is not working, assess pool service company is a godsend! The one I called for this three alarm fire turned out to be a great  cesspool service company.

The owner was great at calming my nerves about the situation. Listen, I really did not want to go to the Y to take a seat!

So basically the problem started when I started noticing the smell in my basement. Now I have an entertainment area there that I have a nice big flatscreen TV, home stereo system and pool table.

I think this is pretty common for homes here on Long Island.

I spend a lot of my time down in the basement. It’s a place of relaxation for me. I even have a private study area there. Plus we have another full bathroom in our basement.

So, the fact that I’m beginning to smell this pungent stink really starts to bother me. Now I do get really nasty cases of some brutal flatulence from time to time, but this smell was something different.

Not only that but it started to increase and get weirder. What do I mean by that you may say.

Well, just imagine the combination of of bacon mixed with the smell of baby lotion.

Anyway, when turd submarines began to come out of the basement bathtub, I knew I was in a stink of a situation.

So I give a call to John over at Cesspool Service Long Island. He obviously give me his spiel of what that do and what service I would probably need.

He mentioned, septic tank pumping, cesspool pumping, plus the more expensive septic and cesspool system replacement. Oh God. Please do not let it be that!

septic tank pumping

So he comes over the next day to get an assessment of the putrid situation. My septic system, I know is pretty old.  This was not a good time to have septic tank problems. In a couple of weeks, I was going to have a shin dig at my place, so there is no way I can have any septic tank cleaning or cesspool replacement happening when I got folks visiting.

So, this guy opens the septic tank lid and does a video inspection, He also opens the cesspool lid to do a video inspection.

I am just thinking of the 2 footers he is going to find. What I should be really worried about his the septic and cesspool tank pumping cost.

Is that not funny. Here I am about to get raped because of my crap disposable system is on the fritz. This could  potentially cost me thousands of dollars. I mean. I was saving the money to build my hookah room. Now I am I going to spend all my money on septic and cesspool system replacement?

So as this inspection is going on, I am discussing with my neighbor my septic tank problems. He told me he had is septic and cesspool system replace and it cost him thousands of dollars.

Are you kidding me! There goes my party, there goes everything!

So I waiting for John, from Cesspool Service Long Island,  to tell me that he was taking my kids college fund.

The only other thing worse than your cesspool and septic system going, I think is your roof. That can easily cost about 7,000 dollars. Your foundation going also is pretty serious, but how often does that happen? This is definitely a homeowner’s nightmare on a level of 10.

Well, John told me not to worry. Whatever happened, they were an affordable cesspool company. As a matter of fact, they were the only long island cesspool company with such a high rating.

So it comes out that I do need some cesspool pumping. That is fine with me. At least I do not need to deal with the burden of a monstrous septic and cesspool system replacement cost.

Bring me the Hookah room!


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