Hey everyone this is Roger. Just coming to you from the planet sanity! I want to speak to you about an uncle, depending how you are related to him, you will either love him or hate him

This is an uncle that is so smooth talking, that he’ll take money out of one person’s pocket and slyfully put it into another person’s pocket without the first person even noticing!! He is the most prevalent Con Man ever created. His name is Uncle Wilfred.

You don’t know who Uncle Wilfred is? He is the purveyor of government cheese! Wilfred is the affectionate name for welfare.

You know, the system for  the people who are so lazy that even their ass gets tired from sitting down so much.

And now, so people don’t feel so bad about getting their gubmint cheese. The new name for food stamps is SNAP. Wow! The government came with a cool name so you don’t feel like such a loser.

Now I know, some of you are saying, some of these people may actually need it. They have fallen on hard times. Now that may actually be true, especially what happened in 2008, when the economy went into the crapper.

I am not talking about temporary situations. I actually feel for those people. I have been truly blessed to never get into such a situation. But if I did and my family was starving, I would do whatever it takes also.

What I’m talking about is the welfare queens.

Just recently I saw a map.Now this was not a Rand McNally map. I was not looking for a vacation spot. And this map surely does not have them. This map actually has the States you do not want to live in. The States where the government has their hands in your pocket more often than not.

What kind of marvelous map is this you may be inquiring. This is the welfare map. Now I know you’re saying that welfare is in all 50 states. And you’re right it is.

Doomed States

What this map shows is the states that have more people on welfare and people on the payrolls.  That’s right folks!!! These are the states where the lazy gather to suck the blood out of every hard-working Americans.

These of the states that support those butt crack showing Walmart degenerates. Gleefully showing there WIC cards, or whatever they call them now.

New York, I am not surprised! Why you may ask? Because I live here! Just stay gives more things away to the undeserving than probably any other state with the exception of California.

Now I have nothing to back that claim. I just know that Jerry Brown loves giving other people’s money away with the major repercussion being the major middle class and business exodus  that has been happening in California for the past decade.

What is interesting is the Forbes article, where the statistics appeared in, called it a death spiral!

Leave it to Progressives who know how to destroy anything and everything. These guys are like locusts.

Why do I say that? Because a lot of times they are in one state and push for higher taxes for all the social programs and all the government pay perks.

When the taxes get so high that they also start feeling pain, instead of learning from their mistakes, they just moved to another state and do the same thing all over again!

Not to be fair to those on welfare, the Forbes article does not only include those on welfare, but includes all of the takers. That means everyone who’s on the Government dole.

So if this includes government workers, and government retirees and people on Medicaid.

And the best thing is I think is that not all of the states that are listed in the map, vote strictly Democrat. Yes, there are Republicans responsible for this mess!

Which brings another topic that is really for another article. And that is it is no longer Republicans versus Democrats. But progressives versus libertarians.


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