Can you Spare a Dollar the Bernie Sanders Way?

It is more like can you give me a dollar! I got to admit, Bernie Sanders is not afraid to admit who he is, which is why he says what he says.

What is really and utterly amazing to me is that he has no issue revealing the depths of his stupidity!

Bernie Sanders needs to be a TruTVs World’s Dumbest!

Doesn’t he realize that the Internet has a memory much bigger than any elephant or of your mother-in-law!

If he says anymore of what he’s actually thinking of, I think he’s going to be committed!

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Why work for it When I can get Yours!

Socialism, a party for the lazy and the dictators where the two can live in somewhat harmony. I was just looking at a blog post of idiotic Bernie Sanders statements.

Actually I found a few of them. And why is this so important? Because Bernie Sanders actually has people that will vote for him. And since Hillary Clinton knows this, As her polling numbers shrinks she keeps going more left and left to appease the people who are looking for the free lunch.

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